Diggin in the lane since 1994.

Our obsession is vinyl & killer coffee to the people of Melbourne.  Digging is what it is about. Collectors, djs, fans of everything underground.

We specialise in underground dance music. Everything electronic music. You’ll also find a taste of reggae, soul, jazz, hip-hop, disco, blues, African, latin, rock, Indie & disco, funk & house.

Lots of rare stock. New & Used. Buy & Sell. Shipments every week. Come dig & listen, chill & enjoy a coffee. We are in the lane next to Glenferrie station.

Got a collection that you’re looking to sell? We can help.

 We also bring you all the tickets to all the best festivals where you can hear that music out *LOUD*.

Bear th us as we’re currently rebuilding our website. In the meantime check out our social channels for new arrivals, upcoming events & updates.